FeelHippo is an underwater robot built by a group of 15 students of the School of Engineering of the University of Florence, assisted by graduate students and researchers of DIEF under the supervision of Professor Benedetto Allotta and Professor Paolo Toni.
577 x 638 x 526 mm
30 kg
4 h
4 (3 translations + yaw)
University of Florence
15.000 €

Sauc-Europe 2013

FeelHippo was built to participate in the Sauc-Europe 2013, a competition in which he finished third.


The team of FeelHippo

FeelHippoTeamThe FeelHippo’s team is compost by: Fabio Bartolini, Roberto Conti, Riccardo Costanzi, Jonathan Gelli, Enrico Meli, Niccolò Monni, Marco Natalini, Riccardo Ridolfi, Lorenzo Aloise, Andrea Baldini, Andrea Dabizzi, Valentina Daddi, Cinzia Galassi, Emilio Lupi, Elia Mazzuoli, Marco Montagni, Marco Pagliai.