The word Wheg is a contraction of the two english words: wheel and leg. It represents a class of robots using a unique locomotion system that combines the simplicity of the use of wheels with the advantages of overcoming the obstacles of legs.

Usually they are robots quadrupeds or hexapods.

This type of robot allows to simulate the walk controller using a less complex than that of a robot with the legs.

Type of wheg

Wheg with one straight leg

Wheg_singleIt is the simplest form of wheg and the first used.

Wheg with one curve leg

Wheg_curvCompared to the straight leg, the leg curve ensures a better grip.

The concavity is oriented in some robot in the direction of advance, in other in the opposite direction.

Wheg with three legs

Wheg threeThis wheel has legs arranged at 120° which allow to overcome obstacles higher than the radius of the wheel itself (h > r).

Sequence as a wheel faces a step
Sequence as a wheel wheg faces a step.

In particular, the Biologically Inspired Robotics Lab at Case Western Reserve University, has produced a series of robots with this feature called Whegs™.
This serie of robot Whegs™ was born by observing how insects walk (in particular cockroaches).

Wheg with four legs

Wheg4It is the kind wheg very easy to accomplish.

Wheg star

Wheg_ratasjalgIt is the ultimate form of wheel wheg created.

Has two different states: the first when the wheel is closed so it has the circular shape, in second hand when the wheel is open and the legs take the form of six-pointed star.

This type of wheg combines the ability to move quickly and stably on a flat surface (when the wheel is closed) and the ability to overcome land disconnected (when the wheel is open).



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